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Cozy treeless leather saddle

Cozy treeless leather saddle seen from the front

This saddle is our favorite at Cozy Horseware. You can sit in this saddle for hours, and you will not get sore. The saddle has good weight distribution, and have shown excellent results in test with the Port Lewis Impression Pad.

The saddle is made from a one-piece foam base and a one-piece foam seat attached with strong velcro. Between the base and the seat you find the secure closed stirrup attachment and the wither iron. Both are adjustable and removable. It has fixed knee rolls in the front, and two ring in front and three rings on the back, for attaching saddlebags, breastplate, saddle pad etc. The top is made from black calf leather, and the underside is synthetic fleece. The saddle is very light and weigh about 3 kg.

For low-withered, wide-backed horses we do not recommend special saddle pads or inserts. Putting to much under the saddle actually showed bad results in test with the impression pad, and problems with slipping and unbalance increases. We recommend a dressage saddle pad in 100% cotton, but other saddle pads will also do.

For high-withered horses we recommend a saddle pad with inserts for spinal relief. For very high-withered horses, the inserts should have a layer of minimum 10 mm high density foam an 10 mm og soft foam.

You can use a dressage girth with this saddle and English stirrup straps.  For less risk of pressure points, we recommend to mount the stirrups with the buckle at the stirrup instead of under the the seat. It could be Cozy stirrup straps with stirrup protectors

Due to the saddles softness and flexibility, the stirrup attachment is closed. In test with open stirrup attachment on this type of saddle, the stirrup strap sometimes suddenly slips out of the attachment with the risk of falling of the horse. The Cozy treeless saddles therefore has a safe closed stirrup attachment, and we recommend always to use safety stirrups. It could be the Cozy safety stirrup with cage.

The saddle comes in 16″, 17″ and 18″. The base is 48 cm long on the 15″ and 55 cm long on the 16″-18″.